Weekend in Saint-Emilion, France

One of the most iconic wine regions in the world is Bordeaux, France. Known for it’s massive red wines, and very traditional methods. These are some of the most famous wines in the world, and an area that Britt and I wanted to try out.


We had been working in Paris for a few days, and took the train down to Saint-Emilion to experience what all the hype was all about. It was off-season in December so we were able to get a great deal at Chateau Hotel & Spa Grand Barrail. An AMAZING hotel surrounded by vineyards on the outskirt of Saint-Emilion.


Built in an old manor house it was a great way to spend the weekend relaxing, and experiencing the slower-paced french lifestyle.

We were only there for 2 days so we had to balance between seeing everything the town had to offer, and to relax… like your meant to do in a place like this.

We had dinner in the hotel Friday, where Britt tried to keep up with my new found interest in STRONG french cheese. IMG_8484

Saturday we were able to get into one winery and take a tour with a tasting. Chateau Guadet.


They are well known for producing organic wines using the local terrior from the hills of Saint-Emillion. The wines were outstanding, but even they couldn’t keep up with the passion and excitement of our host.

We bought some wine to ship home, and thanked our gracious host. Having worked up an appetite, it was time for lunch. Lucky for us Saint-Emillion has an awesome reputation for its food. We chose to eat at a local bistro that has some AMAZING food. We had oysters and bone marrow and that was just the starter!. I went a little off-piste and ordered sweet-bread. Which is a gland from a young cow that is is pan-seared and breaded. It was one of the most surprising great meals we have had in a very long time. IMG_8494

The remainder of the afternoon, was us stopping into a local wine-shop and tasting about a dozen wines to select a few to ship home. We shipped a case of wine home to add to our collection, and tried headed back to the hotel on our bikes. It was a spirited ride even though it was only about 5 minutes 🙂


We left Saint-Emillion with a small taste of the wine culture and traditions that encompass it. I am looking forward to going back during the warmer months and trying out some of the other famous towns within the Bordeaux region. A road trip from the nearby Basque region of Spain would make a perfect 4 day trip!


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