The Cotswolds, England

‘You must check out the Cotswolds’ is a phrase we have heard about a million times since moving to London. I think it is British peoples go-to suggestion for anyone looking to experience the English countryside. So.. we took it upon ourselves to do it.

The Cotswolds are an area in and around a national forest, about 2 hours north west of London. It’s a collection of picturesque villages connected by country rodes, streams and farmland.

There’s a good chance if you have ever looked up a picture of a quaint English village, it was taken in the Cotswolds.

We stayed on a working horse farm, complete with riding classes and kids taking care of their horses. It was pretty cool to be able to walk around and interact with the animals before we headed out for the day. IMG_5659

Stowe-on-the-Wold & Lower Slaughter, We drove out from the Horse farm and through one of the larger villages called Stowe on the wold.

Stowe was a beautiful village, with lots of options for eating and shopping, some great looking food shops and some awesome pubs. If I was making another trip out there, I think this might be the place to set up home-base.

Lower Slaughter, was simply breathtaking. It was a small village with an old mill and a crystal clear stream running through the middle.. Very traditional, One pub, one church and a general store inside the old Mill. 31657614694_e59b43bb63_o

There was also a Manor house which looks like it may be a hotel now as well. In many of these villages, they were owned by a wealthy individual and the land was allowed to be lived on by whomever was in the Manor house. Think Downton Abbey for all my American friends.

On Sunday we took a long drive out to ‘the most beautiful village in England’ Bibury. We snapped some photos as we drove. There is an endless supply of small towns, churches, manor houses to feast your eyes. This is one of those places where you think about all of the people you would love to come back and show these things too. Especially Moms. Moms LOVE the Cotswolds.


Bibbery is a VERY photogenic place. However it’s a bit overrun by tourists, and there are only about 10 buildings in the whole town. So It’s sole purpose seems to be to be photographed, not enjoyed.

There was a pretty cool trout farm in Bibury. Our family in CT has always run a hatchery in our neighborhood, so this was something I was pretty pumped to check out. You can feed the fish and buy some smoked trout and relax. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but we are weird, and I Loved the nostalgia of the hatchery I grew up on.

The cotswolds are all about, long country walks, pub lunches, and small stone villages. A long morning walk, a nice pub lunch by the fire, and then some afternoon tea is pretty much the perfect day there.


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