Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a short flight from London, so we were able to make a quick weekend trip from a Friday to a Sunday night. 

Amsterdam is a city full of unique character, good food and friendly people. It’s incredibly walkable, with something interesting to see around every corner.

We spent our first full day covering a lot of ground by foot; weaving our way through canals, wandering curiously through the red light district, and feeling the culture shock of “coffee house” after coffee house sprinkled everywhere you go.

One thing that stood out immediately was how many sugar-filled, carb-loaded little cafes there were. Windows line the streets, displaying dozens of sprinkled, marshmallowed, chocolate-glazed pastries. It took a minute for it to click…aha…an answer to all the munchies. 😆

Trev found a killer Ramen noodle joint through TripAdvisor for lunch, simply called “Ramen-Ya”. After lunch, we were STOKED to stumble upon a temporary Banksy exhibit. Banksy is an infamous graffiti artist whom has gained fame as an illisuve character with an incredible artistic skill for politically charged works of art. We have one of his paintings hanging over our bed. Here are a couple from the exhibit:

A favorite memory from the weekend trip was our stumbling upon a wine and cheese tasting event, in which we fell absolutely in love with Amsterdam’s Gouda cheese. We brought a seriously large amount back to London with us, and finished it off in an embarrassing amount of time.

Day 2 of our trip brought a delightful surprise. 10 years ago, Peter was my first manager at my first ever advertising internship in college. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Cali with his wife Caitlin. Around the time we moved to London, they moved to Amsterdam. We kept in touch over Facebook all of those years, and were able to reunite with Pete and Caitlin and meet there new son, Theodore. 😀

Pete took us to an epic, local spot for a delicious and filling brunch, and then we walked it off through the beautiful park that runs behind their flat.

We packed so much into our first weekend in Amsterdam, and left feeling like there was still so much to see. We’ll be planning a second trip back this year, for sure!


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