Amalfi Coast, Italy

Trev and I spent 4 beautiful days in the Amalfi Coast for my 29th birthday; 2 in Ravello and 2 in Positano.

Ravello is much more quaint/laid back and has more of an authentic feeling to it. It’s a town based higher up on the mountain, so has absolutely beautiful views of the villages and coastline below. 

A beautiful foot path runs through the town and along the hillside. During our walk, we made a stop at Belvedere Villa Cimbrone; a beautiful villa and gardens that date back to the 11th century.

The most notable meal we enjoyed in Ravello was lunch at Mimi’s Pizzaria. Set on a lovely, flower-adorned terrace, it serves up incredible dough with a killer cocktail menu!

To get to our next stop, we scheduled a taxi for the 1.5 hour drive down the mountain and along to coast to Positano. Positano is the picturesque ocean-front village that you see in most of the Amalfi Coast photos online. Vibrant villas decorate the hillside in an array of beautifully contrasting colors.

We dined at a couple of notable restaurants in Positano; one at Ristorante Casa Mele (they only take reservations, but you can book easily online through TripAdvisor) and one at Ristorante da Costantino. Casa Mele is smaller and a bit more upscale with excellent fish and a great wine selection. Costantino is a restaurant up on the hill, with a large outdoor patio and excellent pasta/pizza.

We hired a private boat and took a day trip out to the Island of Capri. On the way to Capri, we made a stop to visit the famous “grotto” caves and snorkel in the most crystal clear waters.

Capri was crowded. The name definitely drew in tourism, as well as the incredible amount of high-end retail stores. Once you escape the center of town, there are quieter, scenic beaches on the outskirts.

On the boat, on the way back to Positano, we stopped for a late lunch at a seaside restaurant situated by itself, in a quaint little cove. I believe you can only get to it by boat (and the driver needs to make a reservation for you ahead of time). It was called “La Conca del Sogno”. The views/food/and vibe at this place were incredible. We both had seafood pasta dishes and they were incredibly fresh. 

The Amalfi Coast is beautifully scenic with opportunities to find really fresh seafood. We did feel that it has become a bit too touristy and the service industry wasn’t as on point as other places we’ve visited. Of our time spent in Italy, we would have to recommend the Lakes District in Italy beyond the Amalfi Coast.


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