Prague, Czech Republic

My lovely mother-in-law made a trip to see us in early October. She had never visited Europe before, except for Monte Carlo many years ago, so we had a completely blank canvas. For us, this meant the perfect opportunity for a new adventure!

Her only request was that we choose somewhere neither of us had been before – and so the research began. After thumbing through many cities and ideas for a 2-3 day trip away, we landed on Prague. The architecture in the online photos was stunning, there appeared to be a lot to see, and it was only 1.5 hour flight away so wouldn’t eat up too much time traveling on her short trip to Europe.

Thursday morning of Esther’s trip rolled around, and we jetsetted off for 48 hours in the Czech Republic.

Upon our arrival, we first checked into our Airbnb apartment, located about a ten minute walk outside of the old city. It wasn’t a bad location, but if we did it again we’d stay within the old city, as it would give much easier access to all of the fun, touristy attractions and nightlife. The weather was overcast with light rain showers, which for me added an element of excitement to the experience, as it gave more mystery to a city full of soaring towers and stunning gothic architecture.

Our first stop for a much needed lunch break, led us to a cozy little dive, where we were able to sample several typical Czech style meals, along with a pint of beer costing £1. Yes, £1.


We spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring Prague by foot. I’d recommend this method for getting around town, as it’s an extremely walkable city, in which you’d miss a lot of the city’s charm and unique character if you were passing too quickly by car/bus/train. Walking through the city we passed street performers of all kinds, fresh food markets, explored bizarre stores such as the Beer Spa, where you soak in an actual hot tub full of beer, while drinking un unlimited amount of beer, and more.

There are truly an endless amount of things to see in Prague; around every corner a picture perfect opportunity. In fact, I believe that all 3 of us were told we had run out of phone storage while on the trip, and were erasing apps and old photos to make room for more.


We ate very well while in Prague as well, as we’d luckily been given a couple of wonderful recommendations from friends, and made reservations for dinner both nights beforehand. The first evening we at French cuisine at Café de Paris. Cozy, very small menu so it makes the deciding easy, and the food was delicious. The second night we had Italian at La Finestra; a dining experience I would recommend one-hundred times over. Service was phenomenal, food and wine was phenomenal, and the atmosphere was just lovely. The restaurant had a Michelin recommendation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they received a star in the future as well.

Our last day in Prague, we signed ourselves up for a full day tour (10am-5pm) which took us by bus, boat and foot across 5 districts of the city, including the Jewish quarters, old town, new town and the beautiful area of the famous Prague Castle. Our group was only 10 people or so , which seemed to be the right size to get around town easily and have 1×1 time with our tour guide to ask various questions. Our guide told us that esp. during the summer holidays, tours can get up to 55 people, which I couldn’t imagine is a very desirable experience. I would recommend checking ahead with any day tour on your travels, to ensure a more intimate group/experience. The day lent itself to more information that I could ever remember, so in conclusion, Prague is packed full of history dating back HUNDREDS of years and there are places to visit and stories to be told across all of that time span.

Overall, we had an amazing 48 hours in Prague. I think back to all we did and can’t believe what we accomplished in such a short time period. Trevor and I have also both decided that it may be the most beautiful European city we’ve visited; especially for it’s size!






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