Costa Del Sol: Nerja, Spain


With the last couple days of our trip to Spain, came the opportunity for incredible relaxation. Saturday evening, we headed further east up Costa Del Sol, for Nerja; from our understanding one of the least touristy and most lovely slices of heaven, known for its beautiful beach life. We stayed at the Hostal Don Peque for a mere 50 pounds per night (roughly $75 U.S.). The Hostal was cozy, colorful, and comfortable. Don, the French owner, whom only spoke French and Spanish, is an older, cheeky, yet charming man; and his wife, Clara, a sweet, warm- welcoming Spanish lady (whom we later realized, painted all of the art in the Hostal).

The first evening, we walked the streets of Nerja and admired the beauty of the coastline sunset.

A delight of our trip to Nerja was waking up to a fresh Spanish style breakfast on the roof terrace, consisting of what we’ve decided is the best homemade jam we’ve ever eaten, a basket of warm breads, a small mason jar of homemade yogurt, a plate of Sliced Manchego (YUM!!) cheese and Iberian ham, fresh juice, coffee, and a cup of freshly diced watermelon. Breakfast was so peaceful, and a relaxing way to start our day.

A majority of our time in Nerja was spent on the beach reading, napping, and swimming in the ocean. FYI! On the beaches, many women, old and young, pardon themselves of their bikini tops and walk around in all their glory! Good for you ladies, good for you. Although I wasn’t able to capture any photos of this little treat (sorry guys), we did snap several beautiful pictures of our time at the beach.

Since our first trip to Spain (Barcelona), we’ve been trying to understand where and how to best eat tapas. We’ve struck out a couple of times along the way, often defaulting back to good ole “Patatas fritas” (French fries). What we’ve learned is that you have to go a bit bold – for instance, ordering things that you might not recognize fully. If you take a page out of the Anthony Bourdain playbook, it seems you fair better. Go for the octopus or the fish you’ve never heard of, and step out of your comfort zone a little. The one thing you can always fall back on in Spain, and we often do, is a fresh baguett, some local cheese and Iberian ham. As a matter of fact, we ate exactly this on our car ride back to the airport, and it was one of our favorite meals of the trip.

All in all, we’ve decided that Nerja is one of the most beautiful and relaxing beach towns we’ve visited together, possibly even second to Santorini (nothing will EVER trump Santorini in our minds). We plan to return for another beach vacation during our time in Europe!



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